TokenPocket Wallet
We recommend using the TokenPocket wallet.
Download:, follow the step-by-step installation and instructions on the TokenPocket website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for help in our community and our team will do their best to assist you.
If you are using the IOS version of Trust Wallet, please note that it is no longer supported within the app to open the dApp, please use your PC or TokenPocket wallet to access our app.

Add $NB to wallet

  • Download and install TokenPocket Wallet
  • Login or create your wallet
  • Click the public chain selection in the top left corner of the app and select BSC chain

How to buy $NB

  • After entering dApp, click understand and import to start purchasing $NB

How to bet on matches

  • Click on the bottom [discovery bar], enter in the search box, and click on the bottom to go to dApp
  • After entering the dApp, click on the [Connect Wallet] at the top right, after linking the wallet, select a game that you can bet on, click on any team, you will be prompted to authorize, authorization is only needed once and is valid forever
  • Once authorization is complete, you can select your favorite game to bet on, first click on your favorite team in a game, then enter the $NB amount, and finally click submit, confirm the transaction and wait for the chain to complete, so you're done betting!
  • There will be an alert after a successful bet on the blockchain, you can also click on [My Betting NFTs] to view your betting history and receive your winning $NB after the match is over!
Last modified 9mo ago