NewBet Token ($NB) is a decentrized encrypted token initiated by BSC and will be issued across chains in the future $NB, with the first BSC (Binance Smart Chain BEP20) launched.
$NB is the NewBet platform's chips and reward tokens for participation in the bet, and players use $NB to participate in the bet, and the winnings are also $NB.
Our goal is to make betting fun and profitable for everyone, and to be the world's leading decentralized encrypted guessing platform, while enabling early $NB holders to earn more than a hundred times the return on their investment.


Total supply: 10,000,000 $NB
  • 5%: ILO (Initial liquidity offering)
  • 3%: Promote marketing campaigns such as airdrops
  • 75%: Betting prize pool mining
  • 10%: Partner eco-construction
  • 7%: Development and operations team rewards

ILO (Initial liquidity offering)

When the project is officially launched, the development team will put 5% (500,000) $NB into PancakeSwap for the initial liquidity offering at an initial release price of 0.01 USDT/NB.

Promote marketing campaigns such as airdrops

Betting prize pool mining

In order to ensure that all bettors receive the rewards they deserve, we use algorithms to ensure that the share of prize pools and total circulation is between 51% and 61%.
If the prize pool is less than 51% of total circulation and maintained for three days, the project will buy back $NB supplementary prize pool to 51%.
If the prize pool accounts for more than 61% of the total circulation, it will increase the return to players (RTP) of betting and release $NB to players through [betting is mining].

Partner eco-construction

If there are other projects that can bring the expected benefits to NewBet and $NB holders, NewBet reserves the opportunity to cooperate with them.

Development and operations team rewards

The remuneration of the development and operation team is paid in "Locked $NB", and the lock-up period is at least one month.

Economic model