Match Bet
Match betting is The core gameplay of NewBet, which consists entirely of decentralized chain contracts, and NewBet's mission is to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the fun of betting.

Quick Start

When each match is open, you can guess the possible results of the match, and the odds corresponding to each result indicate the multiple of the reward you successfully bet for.
Once selected and submitted successfully, NewBet locks the current bonus multiple for you and generates a guess unique ticket on the chain $NBT issued to your wallet address.
When the match is end, NewBet announces the results within 24 hours, and you can check on the My Bets page to see if the betting is successful and if it is successful, you can claim the prize with $NBT.


Q: May I submit multiple different bettings for the same match?
A: Yes.
Q: What if the match is unable to produce a normal draw result due to force majeure?
A: You can now make a refund directly on the My Bets page.
Q: Why can't I participate in the bet?
A: Betting is prohibited if:
  • The match has already begun
  • The odds are changing dramatically and are being updated
  • The bet amount of the match has been exceeded
Q: Is there a fee for participating in the bet?
A: There is no handling fee for participating in the bet, but there is a 1% fee when you receive your prize after winning the prize.
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