NewBet is a next-generation betting platform based on BSC chain startup and will be deployed cross-chains in the future.
The project is supported and maintained by an innovative and trusted international community that ensures the safety and fairness of token holders is the community's first goal, and the community remains committed to making it easier for everyone to enjoy the fun of betting and creating value and rewards for token holders.
The future is NB, and the NB is the future


Betting is Mining

Betting can also make money with a Percentage Return to Player (RTP) up to 120%. If you make a bet once a day, the principal doubles in 4 days and 100 times in 26 days.


NewBet has no pre-sale, no private placement, and the start-up team will lead the project online, with all decisions to be made by DAO when the project is fully operational.

Match Bet

Provides the most convenient guessing service, no registration required, simple and interesting rules, all guess records based on NFT technology open and fair.

Bet Reward NFT

After each match bet submission, an NFT ticket based on this bet record is automatically generated $NBT, no one can tamper with the bet record, and the bet prize is collected with $NBT after the draw.

Referral Reward

In addition to $NB's early airdrop policy, players can also receive referral rewards by inviting friends to participate in the bet.
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